Video: How Integrating Sharp's Energy Storage Saves Money

Posted by Sharp ESSG Team on Jan 31, 2018 3:29:29 PM

Watch the below video to learn more about how SmartStorage® systems can mitigate demand spikes and can lower utility bills for C&I buildings!



Commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings are increasingly turning to solar plus energy storage to combat expensive utility bills. Commercial property utility bills are made up of two parts; energy charges (measured in kWh) and demand charges (measured in kW). We are finding that the demand charge portion is impacting C&I facilities in many parts of the country significantly. In some cases, demand charges can represent up to 50% of a commercial customer’s electricity bill.

While solar on its own is a powerful economic tool, it largely offsets just energy charges. By combining SmartStorage® energy storage with solar, businesses save on both energy and demand.

Sharp can quickly determine if your facility is a good candidate for demand charge savings with SmartStorage® by conducting a free site assessment. With basic information about the facility and its electricity usage, Sharp can generate a highly accurate demand reduction savings estimate.



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Watch our video: How Integrating SmartStorage® Energy Storage Saves You Money


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